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Camera GIF Creator Pro

开发 Atredroid
0.99 usd

Pro Version ** without ** ads** Please try the free version first **Camera Gif Creator allows you to create animated images (GIF) using the camera or pictures you already have on your mobile.
Once you have chosen your settings you can block them. Just press the menu button or touch the sub menu in the top bar and check "Block Settings".Press the camera icon and make the photos that you want. If your camera application has the burst option please try it. Once you're done press the back button and the Gif will be created in seconds. The gallery below displays GIFs. Hold down the image to view it.
In the gallery you can select other photos and create more GIFs. Just choose the order and click the button creation. You also have the options delete and share.Browse inside the gallery thanks to the explorer bar and the back button. If you want to go to the settings screen just press the back icon on the top bar.
- When I back from camera does not create GIF! Try to exit the application and re-enter. It is also possible that your phone is in low memory and "kill" the photo detector.
- I can not find my GIFS! Generally GIFs are stored on your SD card or internal memory in the folder "Pictures/CameraGifCreator"
- When I try to view a GIF, application stops! Surely the GIF either too large for your mobile. Select it, press to share and mail for viewed.
- I can not see properly the images in the gallery! The first time you go into a folder with images may take awhile. Be patient. The charging time depends on the size of the images to load.
- Where is my SD card in Gallery! I'm lost! Usually in /root/mnt/scard and camera shots in DCIM.
- When I share my GIFS via Whatsapp or Line I can not play them! Whatsapp and Line reencode all the images that you send. It's not my fault.
Thanks for buy/try this app.Atre.